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This interactive, discussion-based forum is designed to look at ways we can cultivate passionate, engaged clients who are both receptive and responsive in their bodyminds and invested in their movement experience and overall wellbeing.

Taking insights from psychology, neuroscience & holistic education, we will reflect inward on how our intentions, perspectives & beliefs as teachers influence our client’s experience. Looking at how we attune with others, invest our attention, create space for un-clarity, allow for evolution & foster enjoyment will create a framework for us to explore everyday teaching situations.

Our objective is to look at ways in which we as teachers can hone our craft that will empower our clients, help them take ownership of the work and have a deeply personal experience of moving in their bodies.

After our discussion, you will be invited to embody these ideas in a rockin’, sweaty, playful mat class!!! Bring your questions, quirks about teaching and your tights. Chocolate covered almonds and new insights will be waiting!



$90 / $120 with 3.5 PMA CEC's

TAUGHT BY: Peggy Wallin-Hart

HOSTED BY: River Pilates

                              876 Columbia Street

                              Hudson, NY

CONTACT:     KC Wiley


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