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Movement has always been a way to relate to the world around me and to better understand myself.


From the immersive flow of dancing to the thrusting power of my legs as I hike, movement has taught me lessons in the pain, perseverance and joy of inhabiting a body… quite simply, in being human. In my experience, to move with grace and strength in a resilient body is a joy like no other. My life’s work has been to share this experience with others both onstage as a dancer and as a teacher guiding clients into their own physicality and vitality.

With more than 20 years experience as a Pilates educator, I weave together a deep understanding of the body with playful curiosity. I help people access deeper aspects of their experience using clear, direct language that the body understands. I have a keen eye for seeing and translating subtleties of the work into a dynamic, integrated movement-flow that encourages an evolution in physical understanding and the confidence that comes with that.


Versed in both classical and contemporary Pilates, I inhabit a space where these approaches serve to elevate each other. I actively pursue the holism, vitality, harmony, integration and pleasure that Joe sought to engender in his clients’ bodies. Asking the simple question "Why does Pilates work?" led me to Tom Meyers’ “Anatomy Trains” and the Classical Pilates lens of Amy Alpers. The concepts of Myofascial Meridians and Bio-tensegrity enabled me to relate the structural interconnectedness of the body with my own felt sense of movement. This translated into palpable improvement in my clients’ embodiment and blossomed into my deeper understanding and respect for the interconnections woven into the method of Pilates.

For 18 years my creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit were focused on sharing this body of work at my former studio, Finetune Pilates, in Brooklyn. Working weekly with passionate, long-term clients taught me more than any degree ever could, and the dedication and trust of Finetune's amazing instructors allowed me to grow as a teacher, leader and mentor.

Called to the open sky and fresh air of the countryside, I relocated to the Hudson Valley in 2016 where my current studio has expansive garden views and is the perfect atmosphere to explore and hone my work. In my new venture, Spring Inside Pilates, I am supporting instructors through workshops, trainings and mentorship to develop critical thinking and intuition in order to cultivate their own unique voice. I remain the director of education at Finetune, where I am thrilled to be presenting Spring Inside Pilates: A Mentorship & Art of Teaching Program in 2019.


  • 1987 | BFA in Dance, SUNY College at Purchase

  • 1987-1999 | Performed in the Companies of Lucinda Childs, Laura Dean & Jose Limon                                                           

  • 1996 | Began my Pilates journey with the incomparable Clarice Marshall

  • 1998 | Certified through The PhysicalMind Institute with Kelly Kane & Nan Cresto

  • 1997-2001 | Anusara Yoga Teacher Trainings with John Friend 


  • 1998- PRESENT | Workshops with Tom Meyers, Amy Alpers, Blossom Crawford, Clarice Marshall, Irene Dowd, Wendy Le Blanc-Arbuckle, Benjamin Degenhardt, Marshall Hagins, Madeleine Black, Brent Anderson... among others

  • 2000 | Opened Finetune Pilates Studio in Brooklyn

  • 2006-2016 | 'Yoga & the Alexander Technique' with Joan Arnold

  •  2008 | Master's Program at The Pilates Center of Boulder with Amy Alpers & Rachel Segal 

  •  2008-Present | Ayurvedic Studies with Rebecca Dietzel

  • 2013 | Fascial Fitness Training with Divo Mueller & Robert Schleip

  • 2014 | Cadaver Dissection Tom Meyers & Todd Garcia - The Laboratory for Enlightened Anatomy

  • 2016 | PMA Certified Pilates Instructor

  • 2017 | Created Spring Inside Pilates

  • 2020 | Yoga: Untraining, Retraining with Sondra Loring & Kelly Kamm

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