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The Magic of the Ped-O-Pul


Sunday, November 12

10am to 1:30pm

I love the Ped-O-Pul!  (aka Pedi-Pul or Pedi-Pole… all interpretations are welcome!) Its simple design invites your body into the vertical with an economy of motion that nevertheless challenges you to embody all of the principles of Pilates simultaneously. 


This, often under-appreciated, apparatus has been known to create a quiver in even the most advanced mover while I love it for having the capacity to also teach & refine basic skills for our everyday clients.


In our time together, we will: 

  • Explore how the Ped-O-Pul can be utilized as a vital assessment tool 

  • Breathe… embodying the capacious lungs of the opera singers that we are told inspired this unique apparatus

  • Locally dig into shoulder mechanics, the “two-way” stretch & how we utilize our hands & feet

  • Globally spark spontaneous connections from the limbs into the core that enliven the architecture of the whole body

  • Delve into creative ways we can weave this work into the broader system of Pilates 


I employ the Ped-O-Pul regularly with my clients & have seen the many ways in which it has unlocked new levels of strength & awareness in their overall practice.


Join me on this journey to unlock the magic of the Ped-O-Pul!

Hosted by Finetune Pilates Studio

329 Atlantic Avenue btwn Smith St. & Hoyt St.

In Boreum Hill Brooklyn

$195 includes 3 NPCP CEC's

Payable via Venmo @The-Spring-Inside

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