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Join us to explore the genius of the reformer and how partnering with it can enliven our students physicality and increase the effectiveness of our teaching.

Using familiar exercises from the Pilates repertoire, we will investigate the potential to direct the pathway of spring energy and to utilize the contact points, such as the foot bar and handles, to increase body-wide integration and fire up the requisite musculature to support strong, graceful movement. Employing this external feedback awakens a felt experience in our bodies that allows us to self-correct and to maximize our workouts.

Teaching from this perspective invites us to focus on and speak to our student’s relationship with and responsiveness to the apparatus. Working from this lens, we can enhance this communication and expand movement potential, creating agency in students as they learn that partnering with the reformer can be a portal to their own strength & understanding.

Renew your love of the reformer while enriching your expertise!


‘Spring Inside' Mat Class


$30 / $20 for BBW studio members

Open to all students & teachers!

'Partnering with the Reformer' Workshop


$90 for mat class & workshop including 3 PMA CEC's

TAUGHT BY: Peggy Wallin-Hart

HOSTED BY: Body Be Well Pilates

                              7393 S Broadway

                              Red Hook, NY 12571

CONTACT:     Chelsea Steifeneder


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