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Monthly Workshops​


Launch Weekend 

  • Our journey together will begin with a full-weekend deep dive into the The Spring Inside Perspective, laying a strong foundation for our coming explorations. 

Sunday Intensives

  • One Sunday a month we will gather at Finetune and start our day together with a playful, sweaty movement class. With our blood pumping and our cheeks pink, we will dive into the course themes, exploring via lecture, observation and thought-provoking projects after which we will spend lab time exploring and digesting this information in both movement and teaching.​ Guest teachers will join us throughout the program to share their wisdom and movement practices.

Country Retreat

  • At the midpoint of our program in early June, we will gather at my home and  studio, The Spring Inside, in Chatham, NY for a two-day weekend retreat. Our usual movement class and training explorations will be rounded out with swimming, hiking, ping-pong, nourishing food and relaxed conversation. Nothing does the body & soul as much good as little fresh air!

Private Mentorship

  • The sharing of experience and guidance of a mentorship relationship is woven into every fiber of this program!  Additionally, you and I will connect individually each month, alternating between experiential movement sessions one month and mentoring conversations the next. These interactions take will be guided by your professional and teaching goals as well as your passions and curiosities.


  • I have learned so much by observing other instructors, an invaluable glimpse into another's process in real time. You will have monthly opportunities to observe me and other instructors in action. I will also encourage you to expand and challenge your perspective by observing teachers in our community from different lineages.

  • In the first month or two of the program and again in the last, I will observe you in action. I look forward to witnessing your work (in your own environment, if you'd like) so that I can observe your teaching style and shine a light on your strengths. This will allow me to better understand your aspirations and be another opportunity for me to provide valuable personal feedback and  encouragement.

Monthly Small Group Meet-Ups 

  • Connecting monthly in small group movement labs will allow time to play and explore our course inquires to reinforce your learning and foster collective discoveries.

Independent Learning

  • Course Work Handouts & Learning Materials (via Google Classroom)

  • Inquiry Exercises​

  • Movement & Teaching Journals

  • Personal Movement Practice

  • Client Case Studies

  • Passion Projects



  • In the teaching voice you have thoughtfully honed 

C R I T I C A L   T H I N K I N G  

  • To understand & explore the interconnections woven through the method of Pilates

C R E A T I V E   I N T U I T I O N

  • To read bodies & respond to your clients needs from a multi-dimensional perspective

C O M M U N I T Y  

  • To challenge and support your unfolding personal & professional journey 

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